30 days of cycling – days 21-25

Right I’ve broken it up a bit as most of this has been pretty bland/boring stuff. Rides to work, nothing of real note.. I am getting my mojo back though and cycling further/more hills etc. so all good. My cross bike has been getting rather a lot of use recently, it’s a great piece of […]

30 days of biking – days 10 and 11

Well more short rides but enjoyable all the same, enjoying trying to get some pictures/video to share too. All part of the fun of living in a world that loves a bit of social media.  Friday was a lovely start to the morning. Heading towards the off-road part of my ride I saw this and […]

30 days of biking – days 7,8 and 9

So I’ve had a busy few days and subsequently not much riding.  Tuesday I did a short commute to and from work followed by a bit of bike maintenance.. Just a slight creak from the bottom bracket, so removed, cleaned then a small coat of copper slip and put back together. Now no creaking when […]

30 days of biking – day 6

A short but sweet report today. My riding was just my commute to and from work.. Slightly extended on my way in and a direct route home. The journey to work was bliss.. Amazingly quiet, my breathing, the sound of my bike and the great outdoors, a few birds just waking up and that was […]

30 days of biking – day 5 

Today I had another evening ride planned as I normally do.. I wasn’t sure which bike to take though.. In the end I thought I’d go for a quick road spin on my cx bike. I settled on a local loop that would work out to be about 20miles and 1000ft of climbing. Keeping the […]