And so it begins

Welcome to my blog, I’m currently rather over weight and really want and need to get back in shape. I’ve always enjoyed cycling (particularly mountain biking) so I figured why not combine my two goals (more cycling and weight loss) to reach my target.

i will try to keep this blog updated with the trials and tribulations of my journey.


4 thoughts on “And so it begins

    1. A friend has set me a rather large challenge which is to take part in a team endurance xc mountain bike race (mountain mayhem) which will be a 24hour event between 4 of us. Should be a good challenge. So I’ve got 18months ish to prepare.

      I’ve got in my head a weight figure I want to get down to which means loosing at least another 50lbs which will hopefully come as I exercise more. Other than that just lots of riding and hopefully the majority of the fitness will come with it.

      So 12months to try and loose the weight then 6months to really work on fitness/endurance training.

      1. Right on man. Good for you and your goals. If I can recommend something that has helped me, there’s this workout video called Insanity which has many modules, but I recommend just one of them to help with your cardio/endurance training at home. It’s called “Fit Test”. I believe it’s the 2nd video of that series, but anyway, look it up and try that to get your blood going when you’re not cycling. It’s helped me a bunch to last longer on rides. I look forward to hearing more of your progress in the months to come!

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