Almost time

Having a busy couple of days before the real work begins. It was my birthday yesterday (4th January) so had a lovely time with my family receiving gifts they had brought me and just spending time with them.

This weekend has been bike preparation time.. everything cleaned and tweaked to make the start as easy as possible.

Last job to do is to bleed the brakes which i will be doing tomorrow as i can’t seem to find my bottle of brake fluid.

I’m really looking forward to trying to ride myself back to health. Both myself and my wife are using the my fitness pal application on our smart phones to keep a track of calories and to generally watch what we are eating. In my mind i want to loose a minimum of 4stone. This may seem a lot to some but when starting out at over 19 stone it is most definitely needed. I’ve not been under 16 stone since my mid teens. I’m a big built male so not expecting to end up a racing whippet, but if i can get back to being a broad shouldered well built man i will be very happy.


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