New bike build

Today the extra parts required for my frame swap arrived.

Over the moon with this I finished work at 2 then cycled straight home to try and get it built.

I fitted the Hope pick and mix headset using a tool I made at work, quite simple threaded bar with some large washers to push against the bearing cups, I then added some spigots made from 1″ outside diameter pipe to help locate the headset. All went smoothly which was pleasing.


Then fitted the hope seatclamp and thomson elite seatpost.


The MsIsle then donated the rest of its parts to get the 456 up on wheels and ready to go. A new set of cables fitted and a quick run through the gears and all was complete!


Went for a quick ride around the block to make sure all was working correctly and luckily all that was needed was a little tweak of the saddle position.

There’s a couple of things I’m not 100% happy with:

1: the cable routing is a little unconventional but as per the prebuilt carbon 456s, I’m not sure if I’ll leave it like this I think time will tell if it causes me any issues.

2: I’ve currently got a rather large stack of headset spacers due to running out of time to cut down my steerer tube. The 456 has a very short headtube and I am wary of havin an off and the bars hitting the top tube, will see how close I can get them without a possible clash should the worst occur.

Other than those two very minor issues I am over the moon with my purchase. Can’t wait to get out on it 🙂


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