New rubber

Adding this again as it seems to of disappeared since I originally uploaded it 7days ago :/.

Treated myself to some new tyres today as the winter weather isn’t really suited to the DMR moto RTs that have been residing on my bike.

Enter a pair of Continental mountain king II in 2.2 folding flavour. I had read a few reviews online about them and figured they would fit for the purpose intended, a grippy xc tyre that I could keep on as a do everything.

First thing I noticed is they’re quite light (especially compared to my wire beaded DMRs).


A mere 601g on my cheapy kitchen scales. Quite a saving compared to the

DMRs which weigh in at a hefty 874g (that’s over 500g saved in rotating mass or 1lb if you prefer).

Reviews online say they come up slightly small but I found them comparitive to the DMRs fitted previously both labelled as 2.2s.


Contintental mountain king II at the top, DMR moto rt at the bottom.

I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve run them for a few miles and update you all on my thoughts.


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