Still going

Things are going pretty well as we reach the one month mark.

Weight loss is now at 27.8lb so just shy of the 2 stone mark (12.6kg for those preferring metric). So happy with that as my body is starting to return to a normal shape, legs are more toned, stomach getting flatter. Certainly nothing to complain about.

The bike is getting more and more comfortable as I tweak my position on it and get more used to it. I’ve wound my front forks down to 120mm which suits the xc riding I do far more than the 140mm I had them set at initially.

Today I went for a local pootle, approximately 9miles on road getting to and from my chosen location and circa. 6 miles off road giving the tyres a bit of a work out as well as myself! So 15 miles total in just over 1hr 15minutes which I was happy with considering the off road sections were pretty tough going due to the recent rainfall and this pretty slow.

Token picture of my bike at the top of the venue (ham hill in Somerset, UK for those interested).



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