New shoes!

Today bought new goodies!

I ordered some SPD pedals as I want to see what benefit (if any) they will give me. I’ve been told they should help on climbs and with general pedalling efficiency so we’ll see.

Pedals I’ve gone for cheap and cheerful shimano m520. They’re the budget end of the market but having a few friends with them saying the only difference to others in the shimano range is the weight I wasn’t too worried.


I bought these through tweeks cycles on eBay for a mere £19.59 complete with a set of shimano sh-51 cleats (despite the box turning up with £34.99 marked on it).

To go with these I obviously needed some shoes that would accept the cleats. I decided on getting these locally as I wanted to try them on to ensure they fitted well and I wasn’t going to end up with sore feet. A quick visit to Rock and Road in Yeovil and I’d found some specialized sport MTB shoes for a very sensible price.. They’re last years but I’m not concerned that they aren’t the very latest colour/style.


With a little luck I’ll get the pedals on the bike over the weekend and set the cleats to a comfortable position. Then it’ll be time to see how many times I forget to unclip before stopping!


One thought on “New shoes!

  1. Good luck buddy. I made the change on one of my bikes to SPDs over Christmas and it doesn’t take too long to get used to them. I fitted SPDs to my 29er Hard Tail and depending on how I get on I am considering changing to SPDs on my full sus bike too.

    Off on a biking holiday in June and this will be in the Alps, I am only taking 1 bike and that will be the full sus. If I can get used to SPDs on there then I will surely reap the rewards…

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