Today’s ride

Today’s ride was very different to any I’ve done before. Not only was it my first time properly off road with the SPDs but I was also heading somewhere for a reason.

Recently there’s been a huge thread with regards to a members child bereavement. This has pulled at a large majority of members hearts and the way Brudders338 (Lewis) has conducted himself has been remarkable given the circumstances.


George Brudenell (Spongebob as he was known) was merely a month old when he died. Something no parent/human would want for there worst enemy! Lewis has been remarkable in the way he has dealt with this tragic incident, and through a thread on the singletrackworld forum (click to read the thread) a very generous member (Rich aka bearneccessities) had some balloons made and sent them to all who would be willing to launch a balloon in memory of little Spongebob.

Today was his funeral so I took a ride to the top of my local country park and spent a moment or two being thankful for my own family and trying to comprehend exactly what Lewis, his wife and other children must be going through. It very rapidly puts into perspective how fickle and silly some of our concerns are in life. Be it with regards to having the latest or preferred gadget, bike parts, vehicles, clothing.. It’s all irrelevant and a blur on what really matters in our lives.


I launched the balloon and it disappeared across the tree tops. I unfortunately couldn’t get a picture of it mid flight due to the lousy weather.

Took a couple more pictures on my way back home.



I then pedalled on home to give my own children a big hug.


2 thoughts on “Today’s ride

    1. I just went for a ride up and around 9 springs country park near Yeovil. The wooded areas were quite well drained but the trails along the edge were real soft squidgy mud, made for some good practice of being clipped in!

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