New chain time

New chain time. The shimano hg93 which was fitted had started to stretch too far. So ordered another one as I didn’t want to ruin my cassette and chain rings just for the sake of a few extra weeks with a worn chain.

The shimano managed 700 miles so not too bad I guess.

After much reading of various forums, websites and blogs I decided to give a KMC chain a try, supposedly as good shimano shifting wise but more durable.. Time will tell I guess!

As an added bonus if you like a bit of bling they’re also available in gold.

Given my bike is adorned with a few gold anodized bits I thought why not!


Comes complete with a quick link which is always an added bonus rather than making weak points in the chain removing and refitting pins.

Gave the chain rings and cassette a good clean with some degreaser and a brush to get rid of any muck and voila all fitted ready for its first ride some time soon.



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