Just keep cycling

Trying to increase my riding to help my general fitness, helped by a very supportive wife.

So yesterday I took the slightly longer route to work (6.5miles instead of 3). Felt pretty good and didn’t take anywhere near as long as the last time I did it.

So today (19th) wifey suggested leaving early so armed with my food for work I headed out. I went through some local villages to make a big loop round to my place of work. I managed to make it up a climb just over half way through which I had never accomplished before so I was rather pleased with that!

Main climb apparent in this graph


Got to work and stopped the app to check my progress, 13.8miles in just over an hour. This might not seem that great to some but I was happy. Especially considering I’m riding a mountain bike with a 36 tooth front chainring, so flats and downhill see me pedalling out quite regularly.

Here’s the route



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