Cassette and chainring change

Having a bit of a shuffle around of parts and a new cassette.

I’m planning on taking part in a British heart foundation ride in the not to distant future. This is a road ride so therefore my double and bash chain ring setup wouldn’t be ideal. I managed to aquire a spare 32t/44t slx middle and outer chainring from a friend at work who had bought the cranks for his bike with the sole intention of running a 38t chainring so thus it hasn’t even seen a chain in its life (bonus for me). I found myself in a quandary as I get on really well with the 36t middle ring when off road and fears of spending all my time flitting between the standard 32t middle and new 44t outer. After a bit of faffing getting it on I am now running 22/36/44. So I’ve ended up just loosing the bash ring in exchange for a 44t which is far easier for maintaining pace on the road.


I made the foolish mistake of trying to run a new chain with old cassette last week. It didn’t work out well, ending up with two gears unusable by the time I received the new cassette. I was slightly disappointed in the quality of the last cassette. It was a shimano xt model so reasonably expensive as far as cassettes go and its lasted a mere 6 months (not what I expect from an item deemed to be part of a very good groupset). After consulting with a few forums and backed up by friends recommendation I have now purchased a SRAM cassette. Chain Reaction Cycleexcelled themselves again I ordered on Wednesday night and Friday morning the cassette was here! Pretty impressive service given the huge amount of orders they must have to process each day.


I opted for the pg980 which I thought would be a good choice between cost and specification.

Anyone interested in part weights this 9 speed cassette came in at a very respectable 304g


All fitted now and awaiting its first ride. Hopefully no more issues now and I can get back to enjoying my riding and preparing for the charity ride.


In other news I lost a further 2.6lbs in the last week which I’m very pleased with. My year total now up to 33.8lbs (15.36kg). Starting to really see the benefits such as shaving is taking less time as I haven’t so many chins to shave lol. In all seriousness I am really pleased with my weight loss progress, had a few comments from people at work with the usual “you look better for it”, “blimey you’ve lost some weight” which are all a reassuring ego boost.


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