More riding

Went for a ride after work today. Had a rough idea where I wanted to go but didn’t know the area and small back roads that well.

Left work at 2pm, went straight up a hill opposite the main gate.. Blimey quite a climb.

Then crossed over a busy road to head out to some small villages… Ooo what’s that. I found a signposted bridle way that I hadn’t been along before and had only noticed when scanning an ordinance survey map. So thought why not and took a little detour for a bit of bumpy horse shoe print riddled riding. The ground here is still reasonably hard we haven’t had much rain for a few days so I could feel every one of the horse shoe prints up through my bike, found a smooth(ish) line and then followed this. Hmmm I came out at a road I wasn’t familiar with. A couple of large houses nothing familiar.. Best check my phone. Bring up maps and work out my bearings… Oh I’ve just done a 2-3mile circle, not to worry it was a nice detour. I carried on towards my turning point. On route I spotted a huge tree obviously fallen from recent winds etc. blimey that’s big!


Note the telegraph to the left. Both a roughly the same distance (telegraph pole slightly closer) to give some idea of scale.

Carried on to the side of a local reservoir, hmm doesn’t look that big on the maps on my phone… I’ll ride around it. A big drop down to the side of the reservoir then a nice loop all the way around… Oh no! I’ve come down a hill…looks like I’m goin back up it.. Albeit a different road on the other side of the reservoir… It’s a long steep drag… Time for a bit of a bail out and grind on up in the granny ring… Doh! My gear fiddling hasn’t worked out, can’t drop to the granny ring… Only one thing for it.. Up out the saddle and get pumping the pedals.. I make it up.. Slowly, no very slowly! The road levels out and I catch my breath, quick slurp of water from the camelbak and I’m off and going again. Rest of my journey was reasonably un-eventful but satisfying none the less.

Almost back home and I meet up with my children walking home from school. So stop the cyclemeter app and have a nice gentle walk back with them asking how their day has been and giving my legs a bit of a rest.

I covered 15.8 miles this afternoon (plus 3 in the early hours to get to work), now time for some well deserved dinner and relax with my wife.

All that’s left to do is to play with that infuriating front mech again. Just can’t seem to get a mid point where I can smoothly select all chainrings. These things are sent to try us!


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