Still trying

So after yesterday’s post I felt enthused, positive, ready to give it a really good go!

I set off from home, camelbak with a couple of litres of water, local ordnance survey map. I fired up my cyclemeter app (I always use this if for nothing more than keeping a track of distances).

I set off from home with a rough idea of where I’d like to go. This meant doing a lot of riding!

I checked the map and found the route I wanted to take. I stopped regularly to ensure I was heading in the right direction.


Must of been nice, shorts, t-shirt, gillet and glasses (if only to keep the wind out of my eyes).


My last view of any civilisation for some time from here on it was all fields, gateways and styles and some water!


It was really peaceful, tough going as the ground had hardened leaving lots of horse shoe shaped dents to rattle over!

I then crossed over the river I was following rather a nice sound as the water rushed over stones sounding like a weir (although technically not one).


Really thought going just the other side of this as the fields are still water logged from the recent rainfall (well it isn’t called the Somerset levels for no reason). I got through the squelchy bits and was then right on top of the river bank and stop starting in between gates as the river bank was broken up into parts of fields. I didn’t see anyone else for the majority of my ride, just the occasional dog walker/walker.

By this time the bike had god muddy… Really muddy, the fork arch and rear seat stays were brushing the excess mud off of the tyres.


I then reached my halfway point where to rivers join. I used to live near here as a child and have fond memories of cycling some of the same paths and fishing along this stretch.

On the way back I didn’t stop off to take pictures. A puncture meant an unscheduled stop and a lot of faffing to get the tyre up to a good useable pressure with my little pump but I got there eventually!

In total I was out for 4hours and covered 31.1 miles. Could of been far quicker but numerous map stops and then the puncture which was the final pause I didn’t think the time was too bad considering at least 15miles off road to.



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