New shifters and front mech

Finally swapped the last of my old parts off of my bike today.

My 15year old shimano front mech (derailleur) and shifters were starting to play up at times (generally when I really needed them to work, mid climb for instance).

So enter a pair of shimano xt m770 shifters and an xt front mech. This means I now have the dual action shifters which I’m quite excited about trying and the shifting seems more positive and solid compared to my previous 15year old LX units.

Gave them a quick setup this evening and all seems to be working correctly.

In seperate news (what with this being the 1st of April) in March I managed to cover 181miles so a nice improvement over the last 2 months.


2 thoughts on “New shifters and front mech

  1. I need to get out more and hoping the lighter days will permit this. The bank holiday weekend has been rain free and I only managed to get out once in 4 days. Family is important though.

    But I do have to get fit for my Alps trip… Start today with a ride after work…

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I spent my long weekend doing bits around the house and spending time with my family (as it should be in my mind). I don’t often ride at weekends as I’m generally spending the time with them.

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