Sunday morning ride 7-4-2013

After chatting with my lovely wifey she agreed I could fit in a ride on Sunday morning as long as I left before the boys got up (they’re always the first out of the children to wake up). So that was it challenge set.. Alarm set for 4:45 so I could have plenty of time to explore!

I headed out starting with a fair distance on road to get warmed up and get some miles under my belt. 12ish miles later I started following a bridle way which provided me with some stunning views as the morning turned to day.


I kept riding for a bit longer waiting for the sun to appear.. And fortunately this early in the morning there wasn’t too much cloud cover giving a lovely sunrise.


I then carried on up a hill I used to ride up as a child. There’s a sign at the base saying 20% incline… It feels worse than that when you’re trying to pedal up it lol. Once at the top I followed a path to Burton Pynsent monument, there are some stunning views all across the Somerset levels on a clear day from here.


By this point it was about half past 7 so I figured a cereal bar breakfast was called for, I looked around the monument at the original engraving which is unfortunately marred by the amount of graffiti scratched and chipped into it.


I then headed back to home via some small villages utilising a network of bridle ways and byways. In total I covered about 17 miles off road and 28 on road so 45 in total.


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