Today is really not my day!

Well today it all went a bit wrong.

I left home at the usual time for my early shift at work (about 5am), weather was good, sky’s really clear and almost light! I’m still using my lights regardless as we all know how challenging travelling in twilight conditions can be.

I got to within 1/4 of a mile of my workplace when I felt a nudge as a lorry past me. Oh no down I go… Me and bike hit the floor, my head bounced off the kerbstone, quick look around lorry has gone and I’m left on the floor checking myself over. All ok, I continued on to work. After I mentioned this on twitter I was advised by my wife and many others to make sure it was reported.

After work I went to my local police station who were very helpful and are now looking into the incident (well who was driving the lorry and why they didn’t stop).

I then proceeded to my boys school to collect them and take them home. At which point my wife phoned and said she’d meet me by the school as she has finished what she needed to do and the rain was coming so it would save me walking with the boys.

I set off from the school once my boys were safely in the car and headed for home. Riding down a narrow residential road with cars parked both sides and an idiot in a mg zr decides to pull out right infront of me, brakes on, wet roads I’m trying to head for a gap between his car and a parked one but no gap shrinking. My bars hit the side of his car and I then proceed to slide on my side down the road.

I breathe a big sigh and get up, dust myself off. This is all to familiar! I get home and tell my wife has happened. I don’t think she believed me at first. Well not until she saw the graze that had started to bleed on my knee.


So that’s me for today thoroughly fed up. Saving graces being no serious injury and no real damage to the bike (well a slightly ruffed up grip but nothing too costly).

Now time to do some helmet shopping! Certainly thankful I was wearing it today.


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