New lid time

Well after Thursdays issues I had no choice but to order a new helmet.

I settled on a giro hex, its at a similar price point to my last giro phase but it offers slightly more rear protection.

Then came the difficult part… What colour, its a real dilemma for any rider. Or maybe I’m just fussy either way I settled on matt white lines. Neutral to wear with other kit and in my opinion it looks good too.

Found one in the size and colour required from tweeks cycles ordered on Friday and it arrived today (yesterday was a bank holiday so no chance of getting it sooner). Very impressed with their service, I would have no hesitation using them again for other purchases.

I won’t comment on helmet comfort just yet. From initial trying on and arranging of all the clips I’m quietly confident that it will be extremely comfortable even on a long ride. The helmet is extremely light given its advertisement for trail use I was expecting it to be heavier. The sticker inside says 275g for the medium I’ve purchased, a quick check on my scales showed 277g so near as can be practically expected (discrepancy more than likely in my scales).




On a seperate note weight has broken even this week. My first week since the new year on no loss. Not really concerned will just keep going and riding. 🙂


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