Biggest ride yet

Yesterday I went for my biggest ride yet… And didn’t make it all the way home!

Yep I folded, my legs wouldn’t work anymore (well at least not when I needed to go uphill). Fortunately an amazing wife came to my rescue and picked me and my bike up. I’ve got nobody to blame but myself I just simply didn’t take enough food to keep my energy levels up.

I managed 65 (well 64.97) miles so I was happy with that. This took me from Yeovil out to langport following the river as I have done many times before.


From here I carried on to a small village, Burrowbridge which is home to burrow mump an old church ruins which overlooks the levels.



More details about it here

From the too is an incredible view across the Somerset levels.


From here I carried on to Bridgwater to follow the Bridgwater to Taunton canal, I didn’t see many people and it was very very peaceful, just the noise of my bike and the surrounding plants/animals… Bliss!


From here I went through some small villages and ended up at crewekerne needing rescue.

All in all a lesson learnt about keeping my energy levels topped up and also with regards to planning!

I still enjoyed the ride (right up until the last couple of miles when I knew I had nothing more I could really give).


Roll on the next one 🙂


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