New forks

So today I received my new forks. My Rock Shox pikes have done a sterling job but ideally I wanted an air fork and also to lose a little weight from my bike.


I managed to pick up this set of 2012 fox 32 rlc fit 150 forks for a very reasonable price.. They even have the lovely kashima coated stanctions.


Now for the slightly more interesting part.. Pikes removed and thought I’d best get a reference weight.


2.3kg with a 200mm steerer and including the maxle! Eeek well shouldn’t be any problem shedding some weight off the bike.

I cut the steerer down on the fox forks and then weighed them including the 15mm axle.

The result..


1.7kg. Total means a 580g loss from the forks. Pretty impressive difference.

Further updates to follow once I’ve had a play with the forks and can give a decent opinion of them.


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