Get back to it

Well I have no excuse in the last few weeks I have been rather rubbish at a) what I eat and b) what I’ve been doing.

So a combination of eating too much of the wrong things and not burning off the calories has meant that I’ve gained some weight back.

My ever supporting wife has been amazing over the weekend, telling me to just get on with it and go for a ride every evening over the weekend. Time to get back on the horse and get this weight heading back in the right direction.

Over the last few weeks I’ve gained in the region of 10lb which I guess shows how important it is that my eating remains a lifestyle change as opposed to a short term diet. I’m not trying to just dump the weight and then return to my old ways.

Over the weekend I completed two rides, one Saturday evening of 15 miles and another yesterday of 18miles. It felt good to get the miles in and also to see a fair few calories burnt!

Hopefully this marks the return to form.


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