Not been here for a while

Apologies for no updates for a couple of months. Oopsie.

Things haven’t changed too much my weight is reasonably stagnant currently but my shape is still changing (for the better I think) and my fitness seems to be improving which I can only be happy with.

I was told not long into my journey that a ride will never get easier you’ll just be doing it faster. How right they were!

I have a set route which I follow to work which takes me on a 10.5 mile loop on my way into work, going back through my previous times my average speed has increased from just under 14mph average to this mornings 15.46mph. God it felt good to get well above the 15mph bracket 🙂

Hopefully try and get back into the swing of writing these blogs more regularly, thanks to those who are still following me.

Keep on pedalling!


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