Septembers riding

Through September I managed 170miles. Not amazing but all worthwhile.

Desperately trying to improve fitness on the bike with regard to climbing. I need to learn to control my efforts instead of giving it all from the base of the hill and then struggling to keep it going on the longer climbs. I’m guessing this will come with practice.

With the onset of the wet weather I’ve now swapped from the DMR Moto rts that have been great on hardpack and road use to some new continental mountain kings. This time I’ve opted for the protection carcass which means much tougher sidewalls (where my last ones failed), and the added bonus of the well known black chilli compound. I’ve only had a few rides on them but so far I’m happy.

I’ve also added a mucky nutz bender fender… Wow what a revelation even compared to the neo guard I had fitted previously. A lot less spray flicked up aswell as forward, and as an added bonus my fork stanchions stay much cleaner too which was a major downside of the neo guard which seemed to deflect it straight on to them.


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