New shoes!

I recently decided that my Specialized sport MTB shoes were a little too vented for the winter months, and with me wanting to work on more aggressive riding some added protection may be helpful..

Enter a pair of Shimano AM45s. I know the styling has some people running for the hills but I’m really liking them.. More skate shoe than normal SPD shoe but with a stiff enough sole to aid pedalling, buffers to protect little toes and a big lace
Flap to help deflect debris and prevent water ingress. There’s also a raised area on the inside to prevent ankle to crank pain! They’re considerably heavier than my other shoes (not that that’s a surprise really given the amount of extra rubber/leather) but thus far this hasn’t caused an issue.


I’ve only managed a few rides in them so far which have mainly been getting the cleats in the right position and breaking them in.

Hopefully I’ll be able to ride them in anger shortly and give a bit more of a review but on initial impression they’re extremely comfortable and keep my feet warm. What more could I want!


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