Trail 42 pack flask

I was very lucky to win this flask as part of #Mtbmonday on twitter hosted by Pure Mountains.

First impressions on receiving my prize, extremely well packaged, big sturdy box, plenty of filling material to keep the flask protected, then I find a lovingly wrapped item and a letter. The flask is wrapped really well in what I think is a thick tissue paper (my wife says that’s the woman’s touch). The letter explains about the company. A very nice personal touch with a proper signature (not just a generic print out thrown into a box).


Time to unwrap. I carefully unfold both ends of the paper and push the flask out, it seems too nice to rip it (you know like the special presents you had as a child when your grandparents note the nice paper and try and get you to save it). The flask is a very high quality stainless item, a nice plastic top with rubber moulding to keep a good seal. On the side the familiar logo. I open the top and find another card inside saying ‘thank you’ another nice touch to make feel proud of having this product!


Well one last thing to do… I decide to try the flask with a coffee


I left the flask with the coffee in for a good half an hour on the side with the lid on. Try and have a drink… Yep still piping hot! Perfect what more can you ask for (obviously it will keep cold beverages at the correct temperature too). There was no metallic taste as you can get with inferior products and rest assured this will be getting plenty of use in the non too distant future.. Out on my bike, in the car/van. Anytime I can really.

I’m extremely impressed with both the correspondence from Trail 42 and also the product, given this I have no issue with recommending this product, even if you’re not a rider it’s perfect for so many occasions. I will certainly be looking with a keen interest at some of their other products (their T-shirts are appealing to me!).


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