January and February mileage

Oops with all the excitement of the mtbmeetup at the beginning of February I completely forgot about my January mileage..

So the numbers are pretty lacking, the heavy rain/winds hasn’t done the local landscape or my enthusiasm much good.

January = 166.8 miles
February = 186.3 miles
Year running total = 353.1

Pretty low numbers and a fair bit shy of how far I wanted to of ridden. Will have to try and pick it up a bit through this month and hopefully we’ll start to see some more settled weather. I need to remember that no matter what the weather does they’re not going to postpone 24/12 in July just because I’ve not got off my bum and done the training!

I recently bought a garmin edge 305 off of a very nice man on twitter (thanks Luke). Looking at data from any ride is quite interesting as having the heart rate monitor on it I can see when I’m pushing myself and when I’m letting myself take it easy. Also means I can try and keep my self in a particular heart rate zone to hopefully aid fitness.

I’ve signed up to both garmin connect and also started a Strava account.. Strava is seeming to be a bit more of a social network and logging your week/month/year progress rather than performance analysis (well the free version anyway) where as the garmin site is very much aimed at analysing particular rides/routes. I think I’m going to keep uploading to both for the time being as it’s no real hardship.

I’ve noticed that using the garmin instead of my phone is considerably more accurate too in just about every way. Also saves me from draining my mobile battery which may be needed in an emergency.

After the mtbmeetup the photographer of the day Chris Davies posted some great photos even getting some of me, and Phil also managed to get a great one of my bike resting up as I recovered with tea and cake!





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