Skills day

On May 23rd I had arranged to visit UKbikeskills I got there nice and early and met Nath (my teacher for the day) and Tony.

I was taken through a quick skills check to highlight issues (cornering, foot work, positioning) and was then talked through what I should be doing with basic drops, I worked up to 3ft drops at this point and then went to a trail introducing different corner types, obstacles, drops. I was amazed how well it was going, more confident and carrying far more pace than I would of been comfortable with previously.

We then went back to a tabletop, Nath helped me to realise that the speed you’re carrying just alters the amount of take off effort required and before long I was clearing it comfortably, I decided to take on the 6ft gap jump and with a little guidance I was soon clearing it. I got a great buzz when it went well, it all feel so smooth when you get it right.

We had a break now to rest and for me to take on some food, we then moved to a different section with lots of table tops to either pump/jump. I worked through this but could feel myself tiring so we called it a day.

I learnt a lot in what seems like such a short space of time (5ish hours), but hopefully it will help me greatly in my upcoming and future riding. Thanks Nath and Tony 🙂

(All pictures courtesy of UKbikeskills).










If you’d like to see the ukbikeskills blog relevant to my riding follow this link:
my day at UKbikeskills

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and no doubt i’ll be returning at some point for further help 🙂


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