Cornish Coast to Coast

Some time ago (6th June) I had a booking for my van to have some work done down in Cornwall (Ponsanooth) so while there I thought I’d make the most of the spare time and go for a bit of a ride.

After posing the question to my twitter feed a few suggested the Devoran-Perranporth tramway as a nice gentle ride which would tick off a couple of things from my to do list. Namely completing a Coast to Coast and also riding to the sea.

I left the industrial unit where my van was being worked on and having spoken to them followed a road for a mile or two then went south on the tramway to find my start point.


I was now at the first coast and the skies weren’t looking favourable for my journey but in for a penny in for a pound I was going to do this!

I set off from here following the signs and taking in the sights as I followed the tramway.



The tramway was mainly gravel track which was well maintained, and made for a pleasant ride. I met numerous other people cycling along aswell as dog walkers, horses, runners. All very pleasant exchanging greetings on passing.



I passed through the quarry just past Bissoe but somewhere along here I took a wrong turn following some other cyclists (a rookie mistake I know). I ended up going in completely in the wrong direction following signs for the wrong tramway.. This was still nice and I found a tramway map shortly after this point and planned a route taking in a few different mining sites to head towards Perranporth.

As I neared Perranporth I was directed through a holiday park which had some reindeer so I stopped off to take a quick pic to show my children when I got home.


This then dropped me down to Perranporth and I had made it.. I’d turned a easy 10mile ride into a 20mile exploration, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.. Especially by this point as the sun had come out. I bought some good ol’ fish and chips from a beach side cafe and sat on the beach watching the world go by.


I had a chat with a gent from the cafe and he directed me to the tramway I should of been following in the first place and I headed back to the road junction I originally joined the tramway on to go and collect my van.

If you’d like to see my route you can find it on Strava


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