My first race

Well the time has come, after months of training, an injury and the last two weeks of panic not knowing if i was going to be able to ride i’m finally packed and ready for my first race.

I’m entering twentyfour12 as a member of a 5 man team. Our team has changed in the last week due to one dropout so i’m now expecting to be the slowest man lol.

Bike is all prepped and ready, I’ve purchased a smaller chainring as due to running an XX1 drivetrain i have no option of a granny ring, i’m not really sure what to expect in terms of hill profiles/gradients.. no doubt a LOT of climbing will be involved per lap. I’m also not 100% sure how my fitness compares to my prior to injury fitness having lost the best part of 5 weeks due to some knee tendon issues (hopefully they’re all put to rest now).

For anyone not familiar with the event style its a 24 hour race ridden in a le mans style, one person from your team on track at a time.. complete as many laps as possible. At the present moment i can’t imagine how some people do this solo!

In other news, I’ve purchased a road bike to try help fitness and just generally knock in some extra miles. i bought it last sunday and have thus far covered 90ish miles.. its fast, reasonably comfortable and i’m surprised how much i’m enjoying it (previously thought just road riding would be rather boring).

i’ll try and get a few photos/videos over the weekend and give a report back. 🙂



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