New goals

So as I sit here reading reviews of events and nosing at event calendars thinking about what else I’d like to do to challenge myself and also to give me an incentive.

Since twentyfour12 (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I have been doing a lot of thinking, my lap times weren’t that amazing, at times it seemed like I was just making distance rather than really pushing myself.

To this end I have set myself a goal to loose more weight and to obviously keep improving my general and overall fitness. I know I’m still a large man in cycling terms, and an obvious excess amount of fat doesn’t help. To this end I’m going to attempt to get down to around the 13stone mark, I’m currently a little bit heavier than my original goal I had met due to an injury to my knee, this little add on is slowly going and then hopefully I can get down to this new goal.

I’ve already agreed to enter twentyfour12 in either a 4 or 5 man team (depending on who else agrees to it). So that’s my target for my weight loss… 11 months time. I’m not expecting miracles but hopefully more riding and monitoring what I’m eating will pay off.

So for the time being I will be mulling over upcoming events… Any suggestions welcome, either road bike or mountain bike based. I’m finding day to day riding my road bike much easier to keep my monthly mileage up and I’m not so concerned about ruining tyres/drivetrain on my mountain bike.


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