2014 mileage

2014 was a bit of an up and down year for my riding, highlights of the Mtbmeetup (make sure you make it to this years…I can say this years now!) back at the beginning of February, the wild boar chase later in the year then gaining a knee injury that really knocked me for six at the beginning of July. I then bought a road bike which has proven to help a great deal to get some distance covered and also save my bronson from unnecessary wear while commuting. I made it to twentyfour12 at the end of July although not quite at the same level of fitness I was before the knee injury I still gave it my best shot and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since then I kept putting the miles in trying to get back to where I wanted to be which has then got me to where I am now, targets of fitness and confidence on the bike now more important than just chasing weight numbers. 

I rode the wiggle Purbecks hill-a-saurus in november with Thomas who I met at Mtbmeetup and had a good day on the bike and nice to catch up with him, and hope to do so more so this year.

Anyway back to the numbers, my year was split between what was registered on the Strava account that I now use and a cyclemeter app that I was using previously.

In January/February I logged 353miles,
Through Strava since the change over I have logged 2091 miles.

This gives me a grand total of 2444 miles for the year.

According to Strava I have also logged 115,000feet of climbing since the end of February.

Both are an improvement over my 2013 figures although not by the margin I may of liked but hopefully with some grit and determination I will be able to make 2015 a great year for my health, fitness and riding.

My ever supportive wife is being extremely helpful with regards to helping me plan events and rides and for this I can only thank her and appreciate how lucky I am.

For now I’ll leave you with a picture from my last ride of 2014 at Haldon forest park. Here’s to much more like it.



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