So as some of you may remember about two and a half years ago I started a journey back riding and trying to lose some weight, the weight fell off for the first few months. When I began tracking my actual weight I was 282lb (20stone 2, or 128kg if you prefer), I was at the point where I had no/very little self esteem, I couldn’t just pop to the local clothing retailer for a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. I was wearing 42″ waist trousers and xxl t-shirts were tight (I had a 54″ chest at that point). Now I’m under no illusion I have always been a larger male ever since my mid teens made it great for rugby and other sports I enjoyed at the time and I also used to enjoy a fair amount of cycling.

Anyway, in the proceeding 11months from 282lb I lost 70lb to reach 212lb (15stone 2, or 96kg). At this point the change was obvious.


My lovely wife who has supported me through so much told me to get whatever bike I wanted.. So thus I brought my santa cruz bronson.. Since then I have gradually put on some of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. THIS CAN’T CONTINUE!

After meeting up with some new and old faces at this years #Mtbmeetup at Llandegla I saw pictures from other people and from Chris Davies the photographer at the event (it is an event now not just a small meetup in my mind) I was rather disappointed in myself that I’d let myself begin to slip back. My wife still to this day says I have nothing to be ashamed of but for as long as I can remember I’ve been contious of my size and shape.



After watching Thomas Dibleys video I felt driven to also sort myself out.. His first blog is here:

Youtube don’t forget to subscribe I’m sure he’ll be grateful!

Then my new found friend Chris from AllianceMTB jumped on the idea and filmed this very inspiring video

Vimeo link why not subscribe to him too! 🙂

I can relate to every point Chris makes from both current and past experiences!

So me…

I currently weigh 224lb (16 stone or 102kg), I have a 36″ waist and a 42″ chest.. My biggest issue is the spare tyre around my middle.

I would like to get to sub 200lb or 14stone/89kg. To do this I will be monitoring my calorie intake through the mobile app myfitnesspal, keep cycling as much as I can and also try and do some bodyweight exercises in the form of press ups, sit ups etc. With a bit of luck this will get me back on track and feeling comfortable/confident in myself and maybe even improve my performance on the bike ready to possibly enter some races.

I’m not as brave as the other two gents in posting a video, maybe at another point in my journey.

With the support of these two amazing riders and my loving wife I WILL do this!


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