#soendurofatclub post 2, 2days in!

So things are going well, I had a little bit of a wobble yesterday evening my body missing all the sugars I’ve been feeding it over the last year or more I guess, had a bit of a naughty sweet treat in the form of some ice cream whoops!

Anyway 2 days in and unlike Thomas and Chris I haven’t been weighing myself every day, so this morning before I begin my shift (which starts at 6am) I have visited the calibrated scales, taken my safety shoes off (every pound counts you know!) and weighed myself..

Fanfare please….

221lbs (15stone 11 or 100.5kg) so a 3lb loss compared to two days ago. Very happy with that.

This morning pre work I’ve ridden 16.8miles I’ll be adding this to my Strava account later this evening, I may sneak in another ride too dependant on how I’m feeling.

Todays lunch has been carefully chosen, my amazing wife has made me a chicken and bacon salad… Smells delicious and pretty healthy too.


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