Return to normality 

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on here and the past couple of months have been a difficult and odd time, as I mentioned in my last post on here I have been struggling with my own emotions and dealing with them has paid off. 

I returned to work on Monday 3rd, only on short days as suggested by my work welfare department (or whichever name they’re choosing to use at the moment), this has made my days seem weird and they’ve flown by this week, not that I won’t be glad of two days off after tomorrow of course! 

Being back at work also means my riding is going back to normal of a minimum of 5 days a week of riding. Hopefully this will help with further fitness improvements and with a bit of luck I will be heading towards my goal of 14stone (196lb or sub 89kg). Certainly feels good to be riding more again.

Current deliberations over what rides to plan next, I think I will be trying to enter next years Ride London 100 plenty of time to get in shape and attempt a few big distance rides of my own, sure my trusty Kinesis crosslight will help me.



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