Man down – broken rider

As some of you may of read on the 16th January I had a slight mishap while on an extended commute to work. 

I was following a deer along a quiet country lane giving it plenty of space (probably 7-8metres or so) it disappeared into a hedgerow on the left so I carried on at the same pace making sure I was well past it.. Just as I came level to where it entered the hedge it decided to bolt back across the road causing me to panic brake and skid on a patch of ice. Next thing I know I’m on the ground.

I carried on my way to work albeit at a far more sedate pace my hip/side sore from the impact. Get to work take a couple of paracetamol and think I’ll be ok it’s just a bruise and a bit of a shock.. That was 6am by 7:30 I’m struggling to walk, no other pain killers or anti inflamatory tablets to hand I call it a day at work and cycle home. Once home I took some ibuprofen and have a nice warm bath to try and relax my muscles. Still sore but not feeling too bad.

Sunday morning comes and it’s clear I’ve done some damage, my wife insists I go to hospital to get checked out so I agree. Better safe than sorry right! 

Well after an hour or so i’ve been seen by a nurse, radiographer and then an orthopaedic consultant. I’ve managed on landing from my bike to fracture my pubic rami, so much for a good training year. 

So now I’m off work on crutches and left to manage what I can. No riding for at least the first two weeks and to judge it based on my own pain/dis comfort. But my main thing is to let the bone heal and try to continue losing weight. Hopefully with some careful planning of diet this will be possible despite the sedentary month or two that lay ahead.

As you can see from this x-Ray i have broken my pubic rami in two positions. So for now I’m waiting for the 2nd March when I go back for my next X-ray and meeting with the consultant. 


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