My road to recovery

It’s been a long month since my last blog post, filled with the trials and tribulations of not being able to move particularly well (see my previous blog post here if you missed it). Well in the last week things are starting to feel considerably more ‘normal’ if that’s the write word to use, I’m slowly gaining back the flexibility in my hip although still a discomfort in certain positions I’m hopeful that this is a good sign. Thus I have started to use my turbo trainer to try and a) help burn off some fat that I’ve gained by being sat around not doing a great deal, and b) try to rekindle some fitness and strength in my legs.

First stumbling block, my turbo trainer that’s remained in a dark dusty corner of the shed, well it has died. I set my bike up on it and on an initial turn of the pedals it was making some noises it really shouldn’t of been, great!  So I then set about a search for a reasonable quality turbo trainer. After a few hours of sifting through various forums and websites suggesting various trainer I settled on a Cyclops fluid 2 turbo trainer, reviews said it was quiet and stable which were my two main criteria. I will come back to my thoughts on the trainer at a later date after sufficient use to make a judgement on it.

For now I am gently using the trainer with my cx bike fitted to it, I am aiming to just keep my legs spinning at a steady pace for the time being whilst I catch up on a variety of videos found on YouTube/Vimeo (generally the mtb variety). I have only been riding for half an hour at a time up to now as I’m extremely conscious of not trying to do too much too soon given that I don’t really know what has happened in terms of my pubic ramii repairing.

The hardest part is keeping myself going, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding time spent on a turbo trainer extremely boring, hence the use of videos to try and distract my mind while just spinning away. I’m sure it may feel different if I was doing some specific training or task but for now it will have to do.

So this evening I managed to achieve 45 minutes before too much discomfort, quite happy with this hopefully it will keep getting easier. You can view the stats on my Strava account.  

Pre workout representing AllianceMTB, if you need some skills coaching drop them a line, really approachable down to earth style which really worked for me.

 Turbo trainer spinning happily, I’ve positioned it on some old foam play mats to limit the amount the trainer resonates through the floor.


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