Cycleops fluid 2 trainer review

I’ve had my turbo trainer for around a month now so thought it was about time I shared my thoughts. 

Unboxing the trainer I was pleasantly surprised how sturdy the frame was, it has two individual folding legs which spread slightly on opening so it gives quite a wide sturdy base to the trainer. Fitting the friction part is very simple just requiring one nut to be done up, the included QR axle seems to be good quality and sits nicely in the locating cups on the turbo trainer. 

Once you’ve located the bike you use a big yellow adjuster on the back of the unit to wind it up to the tyre, I found that you have to wind it up until it depresses the tyre a bit to make sure you don’t get any tyre slip. Only thing that I have extra is a riser block for the front wheel (highly recommended to keep a comfortable position on the bike).

All ready to use now at this point, first thing I noticed was how quiet this trainer is compared to my previous magnetic trainer, so much so that I can comfortably be in the next room to my wife/children without disturbing them something that wasn’t possible previously. 

I use the turbo on top of two old foam play mats just to help limit the resonance transferring to the floor. My initial concern was that without the resistance adjustment of my old trainer I may struggle to apply enough resistance, Instead of this I have found using the bikes gearing to adjust and so far it provides plenty of resistance and unlike a mag trainer the resistance in the fluid increases in a linear manner no doubt due to the workings inside the fluid part. Another nice touch is the flywheel has a built in fan which draws air through over the tyre and also cooling the fluid part so no hot rubber smells anymore when giving all out efforts.  

I’ve been using some of the global cycling networks trainer sessions from YouTube and thanks to the wide base even out of the saddle efforts are possible, I never felt that confident enough on my previous trainer to do that.
Now the difficult part.. Cost. The Cycleops fluid 2 trainer is not cheap for someone who is going to use it occasionally but then a quality product isn’t going to be. At present the fluid 2 trainer is available for sub £200 despite an rrp of nearly £300. Would I say it’s worth more than the masses of circa £100 trainers available from almost every cycle retailer… It’s a tough call but personally I believe it is, a sturdy frame, quiet in operation, some good design features and all being well it’ll keep me going for a long time. 

As an aside I purchased my trainer from the Halfords website, I had some major issues with their customer service and will not be using them again, telling a customer a different tale/story everyday doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience when they have paid for next day delivery. In hindsight I wished I had stuck with a retailer I trusted. 

Cycleops fluid 2 trainer available from Wiggle

I’ve been using the training videos found on GCN 

Thanks for reading, keep pedalling. 


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