Easton Havoc carbon handlebars and Haven stem review

OA few months ago I decided I’d like to try a slightly wider handlebar setup, my existing renthal handlebars were by no means narrow at 740mm wide but still i thought I’d give it a go. After a bit of research I settled on an Easton setup, they have a very good reputation for quality which is something I always look for. 

I settled on the heavy duty Havoc carbon bar at full 800mm width, slightly more sweep than my renthal bar which helps adjusting to the extra width. They’re very light (226g according to my kitchen scales) and stiff as you’d expect from a quality product.


Now with fact that as per so many new bars they now feature over oversized clamps.. So we’ve gone from the original 25.4mm standard to 31.8mm oversize to now 35mm offerings. Thus I also needed a new stem. I decided to go for a lighter option that the matching Havoc stem so I have the Haven stem. This is an amazing piece of machining.. There’s more air than stem when looking at it yet it maintains plenty of stiffness. A 50mm stem comes in at a featherweight 140g 


I love the finish of these a real non flashy but clear quality finish. 

These were then coupled with race face love handle grips Fnarr Fnarr. 

Since my injury I’ve now been able to get a few rides in to gauge the new bars, stem and grips. The stem and bars do provide a small amount of flex which serves in reducing trail buzz but they still remain very taught and quick changes in direction are easy having so much leverage at 800mm wide. I’m unsure if I will keep them this wide but so far I’ve not found the extra width an inconvenience, I’m still waiting to get stuck between some trees! The race face grips this far seem very good, the love handle bulges keep your hands where they should be (hehehe).

Overall I am very happy with the new setup, the wider bars put me in a slightly better position on the bike, and the greater sweep means seated pedalling is comfortable too. Just need to ride more! 

I will add a future update with regards to riding with flat pedals shortly.


2 thoughts on “Easton Havoc carbon handlebars and Haven stem review

    1. Yea I’m fully expecting to have to trim them down a touch, for now though I’m quite liking the feel at 800mm. Will see how I get on with some of my tighter local trails as they dry out.

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