30 days of biking – Day 2 

So today is day 2, I have had a lovely day at home with the kids, took the dog to the park. This meant I was only left with the option of an evening ride. Lovely dinner consumed and time to get sorted out. 

I stuck to a local route some of my local trails are still a bit of a mess after the recent rain. I got about a quarter of the way into my ride when I thought I better strap my light on.. Oh *insert expletive* I managed to snap the rubber band that secures the light unit to my handlebars. Quick check of my bag… No zip ties I’d removed them the other day while sorting some bits out at home. So my ride then made a drastic turn to heading back before the light faded too much. 

Still great to get out and spin my legs even if it was for a rather pathetic 7.9miles…. But hey it all counts and I’m riding again! 

Ride details can be found here

Here’s to more riding tomorrow.. Hopefully with a little more success.


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