30 days of biking – Day 3

So lighting issues from yesterday resolved with the use of a hair bobble stolen from my wife to secure the light to my handlebars I was all set for another evening ride.

I set off on a very similar route to yesterday’s but not having to turn back part way this time. My ride was accompanied by some drizzle but nothing to get worried about. I headed to some known MTB trails close to Ham Hill, upon arrival I was slightly disappointed that despite a reasonable dry spell the trails were a mess and unrideable in places such is the nature of the clay based soil there, it just saps speed when in this condition and is exceptionally slippery. I found many trees down blocking the trail which was really hampering any hope of rapid progress, and where there wasn’t trees down some inconsiderate horse riders had churned up the rest of the trail (but obviously bikes cause the most damage don’t they?!). So I then left the edge of the woods and took the road route back towards home, a quick detour through the local country park and then I was heading home, in need of a good wash! 

Despite the frustrations of my ride I’m pleased to report that my Leg/pelvis didn’t seem to cause me any issues or discomfort, something I’m constantly worrying about at the moment. All that’s required now is to keep riding to get my fitness back to a reasonable level.

If you’d like to see my ride it can be seen here on Strava


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