30 days of biking – Day 4

A Short but interesting ride today necessitated by my daughters car needing dropping off at the garage for a service.

Now this may sound easy… But my daughters car is a rather small Seat Arosa and I had to somehow get my large framed 650b full suspension bike inside of it! With a bit of faffing (back seats down, passenger seat slid forwards) I managed to fit it in. 

The base of the front forks were a little closer to my head than I would of liked, fortunately the garage is only a few miles away down a quiet road. 

Got to the garage and realised my bike is nearly as big as the complete interior of her little car much to the amusement of myself and the mechanic at the garage. After a quick consult with my Ordanance Survey map I headed for a bridleway about half a mile up the road as I wanted to try and make the return home as much off-road as possible. I’d not ridden this bridleway before but after yesterday’s issues with water logged trails I was amazed how dry and solid the ground was as I weaved my way along between two fields.

The bridleway was gradually climbing and lead me past what I assume was originally a gateway to a Manor House (there is one across a couple of fields from where this is. 

I kept following the dotted line that I’d managed to pick up on my Garmin gps. This took me to the top of a large field with a trail cut into it that gradually weaved down the hillside, this had a minor bit of technicality in line choice avoiding deep ruts which was a welcome change to the majority of my local riding. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised just how steep the hillside was.

I then headed for the gateway to more familiar territory and then home, a short but enjoyable alternative rather than just sticking to the road. I did forget my heart rate monitor which was a minor detail for what was a pleasant ride. 

Within half an hour of returning home it has begun raining and not stopped since so I guess I got the timing right for today’s ride.

As always you can see details of my ride on Strava


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