30 days of biking – days 8 & 9

This weekend was always going to be a busy one, not only are we preparing for my sons upcoming birthday, getting ready for my event of the year MTBmeetup and also my good friend and all round nice bloke BikeDibley is having his stag do. 

So in order to fit in my rides I went on Friday evening on a route that extended out to the train station in order to pick up my tickets to frequent the Dibley Stag while also making use of some of the trails locally on the way. This went quite well with me ending up 8th overall on one section 😊

 On my way I always visit one quite steep transition as I always have a slight mental block when approaching short steep descents, from the side it doesn’t look to impressive but the first part is pretty steep before rolling out, 

Doesn’t look too bad from here but when you approach it…    

Anyway, I always try and take in some sections like this just to keep me focuses and I find it good practice.

The route gave me a total of just over 9.5 miles and I got home just before the rain… Brilliant!

Saturday morning soon came around and amongst preparations for my journey to the Stag do I knew I needed to squeeze in a short ride… In the rain and wet conditions from the overnight downpours!

I went for a short local loops, only 3 miles but it all counts… Also picked up a Strava trophy for top of the leaderboard for this year so happy with that.

Ride details available on my Strava


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