30 days of biking – Day 10 and some thanks

Two things to cover today, firstly my riding for the 10th day of 30 days of biking isn’t particularly exciting, after the busy Saturday travelling to Bristol for a stag do and then a rather long night followed by more travel on Sunday I was left rather tired and facing a ride in the rain, oh joy of joys. 

I still went on my Mtb but stuck to a short road loop, the recent rain over this weekend means my local trails that were beginning to dry out are now going to be a state again (think I may have to get my cx bike out for some country lane riding at this rate). So a short loop just to log a few miles, apologies but I didn’t even take a photo. The ride details can be found Here.

In other somewhat exciting news I managed to win two competitions in the last week or so, I’m not normally this lucky.. Maybe I should invest in a lottery ticket! 

Firstly over on Facebook I managed to win a T-shirt from the guys at Vinyl Bear, I’d used them previously for a Mtbmeetup T-shirt and hoodie. I had won a north wales mountain biking t-shirt and when it arrived they had also included a snap back cap and a key ring, thanks guys! 


Following on from these great prizes I then also won a free box of High5 energy gels from PitStopCycles. Can’t quite believe my luck. 


So a massive thanks to both Vinyl Bear and PitStopCycles, go check them out and see what they have to offer you. 


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