Days of Biking – Day 13 plus some good news

Today my riding was split into two parts.. Going from the garage where my daughters car needed dropping off, then heading to my place of work for a meeting, then from work to home. Neither ride of great distance but enjoyable all the same. 

First ride took me along the bridleway I found the other day, quite a nice little strip of singletrack bridleway lined both sides by hedgerows. The sun was out in full force slowly evaporating the water left on the ground.


It looked great, gazing across the fields with this happening all around me.

I then got to work for my back to work medical. I am at long last able to return to work with a phased return (slightly reduced hours) to ensure that my body copes ok being on my feet all day and moving around as I have to on aircraft. This is great news as I’m sure I’ve been annoying my wife at home as well as myself. 

I then headed home on a slightly detoured route to follow a few short trails I enjoy. I didn’t go too far as I needed to get my cx bike back in full working order ready for my return to work tomorrow. On the way I did manage to improve on yesterday’s KOM time, so I no longer share it with three people and have taken it for myself 😊

The journey towards work can be seen Here

And my journey home and KOM are on Here 


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