30 days of biking – days 14 and 15

Well it’s been a busy couple of days being back at work, my freshly serviced cx bike getting its first outdoor use since my accident back in January. 

Day 14 saw me doing my usual shortish commutes, it’s not my shortest route to work but it’s only 20-30 minutes each way.  My commute into work starting at around 4:30am when the roads are nice and quiet took me on a loop around the town to get to work, this was 6.9 miles, more details can be found here

My journey home was similarly short but I wasn’t sure how my body would fare after being back on my feet for a period of time (my jobs reasonably active, in a normal shift I walk between 3-5miles) so I stuck with a short route home, as always the details are on my Strava account here.

Day 15 soon came around and I was feeling pretty good after the first day back, I did my usual route into work (this time in rain) did my required hours then after a few messages back and forth to my wife decided to try going for a slightly longer route home. This was destined to be a very wet ride, it had been raining all day so roads were strewn with plenty of puddles but this wouldn’t deter me, it’s not like I’m made of sugar. I stuck with a familiar route knowing that my fitness isn’t at its best, and yet I ended up riding further than my initial plan.. What I had planned to be a 15miles or so route ended up being 26miles.. Whoops. Home and soaked through (well my bottom half anyway) I cleaned myself up and made a coffee. Riding bikes is great! 

The morning route here

The afternoon extended route home is here

After my recent visit to Bristol I’ve come to the conclusion that living in a big city really wouldn’t be for me. Even on a grey and rain fuelled day I’d still choose this over any city! 

My cross bike performs faultlessly and keeps impressing me. On the quiet country roads the disc brakes offer reliable stopping even when in extremely wet conditions, the 35c tyres offer plenty of comfort without too much drag, it’s still responsive and engaging when speeds increase and corners have you wondering if there’s enough grip available to make it round. It’s set to be a stable mate for my MTBs for a very long time. 

If you’re a hardened mtb rider who’s after something that will offer a bit more speed/efficiency a cx bike is the perfect compromise. 


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