30 days of biking – days 17 and 18

Day 17 myself and Callum decided to go for a ride out with his new bike to see how he would get on. 

The ride carried on into the local country park when we worked our way up past some of the natural springs, Callum clearly enjoying himself. 

We continued on through the woodland, Callum’s confidence in the bike growing and enjoying himself. We paused for a breather at the very top where there’s a small seating area.

After dropping back down we started to head back the off road way.

We got home and we had covered 6.5 miles and Callum had really enjoyed himself which is the main thing. No doubt there will be many more rides to come with him. Strava link to ride details Here

Day 18

Monday and it’s back to work so I got my cx bike out to go for a bit of a ride before going to work as its my late shift week. 

I headed out across part of the Somerset levels, the views from here aren’t too bad I don’t think


However once you climb back up from there the views become considerably more appealing .


I totalled 25.7 miles this morning with legs and pelvis feeling fine which is a great relief, Strava here.

Post work was a short sprint straight home to see the kids before they went to sleep so only just over 2.5 miles as can be seen here.


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