30 days of biking – days 20/21/25/26

Right I’m really sorry this is a bit disjointed but after such a great MTBmeetup weekend I want to get these rather mundain riding days out the way in one fell swoop so I can gather my thoughts on a full weekends mtb riding. 

Day 20 – a day of an extended 7.7 mile commute to work in some rather nice conditions 

Followed by my usual short run home.

Day 21 and 25 – these were extremely short rides.. So short I didn’t even log it on Strava, I know, I know if it’s not on Strava it doesn’t count. Well I did both times sorting my mtb out, one pre mtbmeetup and once post mtbmeetup. 

Fitting a new tyre on Day 21 even claimed a victim. 

Day 26 – back to commuting again, a short 6mile loop into work and a short run back home.. Racing the weather home! 

I won… Just! 


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