30 days of biking – take two

As some of you may of noticed I missed the last few days of my 30 days of biking in April, my own laziness getting the better of me. So after an easy but steady May I’m going to have another attempt through June, spurred on after seeing Stus amazing efforts doing 31 days of riding through May. 

I’ll keep a log of my riding over on strava and I’ll try to remember to take a picture every day, kicking things off as this is the 1st of June…

A slight detour on my way into work to find a small section of Somerset singletrack trying out the new rubber from the nice blokes at Vee tire 

I hope you’ll follow me through the month and see where I end up, I’ve no doubt there will be some repeats of my April attempt but I’ll see where I can end up. 


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