30 days of biking – Day 4

Today I fitted a new rear tyre.. Enter the Vee tire Crown Gem in a special prototype casing (extremely strong sidewalls).

I’ve been running a pair of Vee tires Flow rumba tyres which offer astounding amounts of grip but obviously with all of that grip comes with some drag. Now with this Crown Gem tyre fitted to the back I think I’ve found my winning combination. The rear rolls extremely well yet even when riding through some really slippy mud/clay/slip it managed to find some grip.

Anyway, tonight’s ride.. It was one of those rides I’m glad I got out and spun my legs but really not that memorable having to walk several sections due to the aforementioned mud/clay/slop. I had gone to revisit some local trails that offer some good, fun riding but unfortunately they are susceptible when the weathers not so great.. Now I thought that given the last few weeks of reasonably dry weather things would of had a chance to dry out or at least firm up a bit. How wrong could I of been! The local horse riders had considered churning everything up as they always do.. As obviously they would never cause any trail damage its always those horrible cyclists (this is a satirical statement if that’s not coming across!). Anyway, after getting back to some dry(er) ground I hopped back on my heavily muddied bike hmm not so much fun but a quick sprint up to a sensible off-road speed seemed to have both tyres quickly disposing of the mud that had clogged them while I was walking (to be expected), wow they cleared quickly, that can only be a plus point. 

I hadn’t taken any photos at this point and thoroughly disgruntled at the amount of time I had just ‘wasted’ (well used) by having to walk I turned back towards home.. Not before having a good attempt at a couple of strava segments 😊

A 3rd and a 4th overall on two seperate off road segments.. Happy with that.. Hopefully more to come! 

Back home after 17.7miles and time to give my poor bike some love in way of a good clean.

If you’re considering some new rubber I’m incredibly impressed this far with the Vee Tire offerings and they’re a really helpful pair (John and Geoff aswell as the pair of tyres).. I’ll report back after further testing.

Strava details for today’s ride.


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