30 days of biking – days 7,8 and 9

So I’ve had a busy few days and subsequently not much riding. 

Tuesday I did a short commute to and from work followed by a bit of bike maintenance.. Just a slight creak from the bottom bracket, so removed, cleaned then a small coat of copper slip and put back together. Now no creaking when out the saddle, bliss! 

Wednesday was another short day, getting ready for my sons 9th birthday on Thursday (today). So just a short ride to and from work, pleasant none the less.. I could of gone out in the evening but my head wasn’t in the right place. 

That brings me back to today’s riding.. I’d booked the day off of work as it was my sons birthday making sure I could see him both before and after school. This meant in between dropping them off, doing some last minute shopping for his birthday dinner I had from midday-2pmish to go riding. Hoorah! 

So a bit more local playing on the mtb. Still trying out the Vee tire tyres, they’re certainly ticking all the requirements at the moment 👍🏼 I set off on a little tour of some short but reasonably fast and narrow local trails, unfortunately this requires a few linking road sections but hey we can’t have everything!

Recently you may of noticed on my Instagram and Twitter feeds I’ve been mentioning the Timber bell rather a lot. I purchased this from Cyclorise and it really does continue to impress. Well today while out I managed to capture this 

I only flicked the bell on for a second and on the first sound from the bell made the man stepped off of the trail to allow me to carry on. I quickly flicked the switch back off once he’d moved. This is where the timber works so well. If he hadn’t of heard me coming I could of left the bell on a bit longer. It worked though which is the main thing.. Gold star for the Timber mtb bell! 

Anyway 14ish miles today. Felt good for it. 

Got this nice screen grab from the video too… Weeeeee blurry bushes!


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