30 days of biking – days 10 and 11

Well more short rides but enjoyable all the same, enjoying trying to get some pictures/video to share too. All part of the fun of living in a world that loves a bit of social media. 

Friday was a lovely start to the morning. Heading towards the off-road part of my ride I saw this and decided it was too good not to take a picture of, no filters required..

What a sight to get up to! Morning all, #happyfriday #sunrise #nofilter

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A short ride home and a busy Friday afternoon and suddenly the weekends here. I’m working both Saturday and Sunday mornings this week so I’m trying to grab the pictures and video where I can. 

Saturday and just finished at work I took a slightly extended ride home through a local country park woods, there’s a steep roll in that I mentioned in a previous blog post, well today I thought I’d try and record it. I propped my go pro on a log at the bottom and set off around the steps to the right hand side, unfortunately the video doesn’t really show how steep the first part really is.

Really enjoying all the riding at the moment, although I think I may need to explore a few more slightly further afield trails… Time to scour my OS maps for some routes. 

As always if you wish to see the ride data then please feel free to visit my Strava account. 


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